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Azienda Agricola - Tenuta Le Ripe

Via Str 4 Femminamorta n. 339, Riposto (CT)

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Discover the products of our biologic agricolture! 

The company produces mangoes, avocados, oranges, lemons, citrons and olives for oil, all of which are strictly organic and certified. We work both with cooperatives in the area and with exports as well as through direct sales: we make shipments to take our fruits directly from the producer to the consumer.

Below is the complete list of fruits with their harvest periods:


Mango Kensington: late August - late September

Mango Keith: November - December

Avocado Bacon: December

Avocado Fuerte: December

Avocado Hass: January - March

Arance Tarocco: December - January

Arance Valencia: March - May

Limoni: all the year

Cedri: December - March

For more informations don't hesitate: contact us!

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